Get your Camera Ready Virtual Speaker Certification!

Be Camera Ready Virtual Speaker Certified

so your speaking & training can be more effective as virtual communication continues to be part of our world!

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Are you worried about how to handle hybrid events?

Can you energize the crowd for a virtual event like you can in person?

What if you could show your clients that you can deliver a powerful on camera performance?

Our exclusive Camera Ready Virtual Speaker Certification Program will get you comfortable on camera so you can confidently connect with your remote audience!

And have meeting planners anxious for you to keynote or train at their events!

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"I've booked 10 virtual keynotes!  This program has made all the difference in my virtual speaking ability and given me confidence in front of the camera.
Scotty Carley, Change Energizer™ & NSA Austin President

"Even if you feel like your on-camera presence is good, they will make you better! I learned so many things that really improved my on-camera presence considerably from Day 1 to Day 10." 

Connie Ashburn, National Field Development Director, Pink Zebra

During this Program...

You'll be coached by two expert communicators and award-winning television personalities. 

We'll show you how to get comfortable and confident on camera so that you can minimize distractions, effectively share your message and improve your engagement.

We know it's so different than having an in-person audience but we'll show how to keep your passion and excitement.

Certification comes after completing 11 videos and showing mastery of being camera ready. 

The skills you'll master to get certified:

  • Letting your passion come through the lens
  • Connecting with the camera
  • Having an effective presence by showing your personality while coming across authentically and professionally
  • How to avoid reading & memorizing
  • Moving with meaning
  • Camera Positioning
  • Background & Lighting
  • Understanding equipment options that can improve how you look and sound

The Camera Ready Virtual Speaker Certification Program will include:

  • 10 Daily instructional videos (Monday - Friday) to make sure the basics become second nature (recorded so you can watch again later)
  • Homework (includes prompts for you to record 10 videos to upload into private group)
  • Expert Individual Coaching on every one of your 10 videos so you'll know what you can do to get even better
  • Final 11th certification video to share with meeting planners that shows your mastery 
  • Private Facebook group ~ safe place to practice
  • Bonus Live Q & A Session 
  • Encouraging community

All to make sure YOU get your Camera Ready Virtual Speaker Certification! 

Expect to spend about 20-30 minutes a day and you WILL see improvement!

We run this program as a 10 day challenge over the first 14 days for best results.  You'll  have another week to complete your final certification video. That video will be designed so you can share with meeting planners showing your abilities as a virtual speaker. You'll have 3 attempts on this final video and up to 3 weeks to complete the program.

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Why Us?

Kim & Mike Barnes are professional communicators! 
They have both spent their careers on television and they can share their 30 years of experience as award winning television personalities to shorten your learning curve and give you the confidence and know-how you need to get on the air yourself!
Mike was a sportscaster at KVUE in Austin for 29 years winning Best Sportscaster in Austin 17 times and in the state of Texas four times. Kim was a news anchor and reporter for 15 years, including more than a decade at KVUE. Kim also taught television news reporting at the University of Texas and still appears in television commercials and corporate videos, and also does voiceover work.

What people are saying about Barnes Team Media:

Michelle Lopez, P.E.A.R.L. Paragon Consulting


Scott Carley, Change Energizer™ & National Speakers Association Austin President

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Jim Comer, Speaker, Author & Speech Coach

"If you want to get good at making videos, I have four words for you: Kim and Mike Barnes. I took their  two-week online video challenge and was amazed at how much and how quickly I learned. They give specific feedback on what you’re doing right and where you can be better. The difference between my first and last videos was night and day! I made so much progress that I’m already looking forward to taking their advanced class."

Camera Ready Virtual Speaker Certification Program

$249 Special Covid-19 Pricing

  • 10 Days of On Camera Training from us
  • 10 Days of On Camera Practice for you
  • 10 Days of Personal Coaching & Feedback for you
  • Final Video to earn your certification and share with meeting planners
  • Certification Badge for you to add to your social profiles and one sheet
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What are you waiting for?

Join this exclusive Camera Ready Virtual Speaker Certification Program
and be ready to stand out in your virtual presentations!

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Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on the presenter. Barnes Team Media is not responsible for speaker's content or completion of program.