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Join us for a virtual workshop to learn the ins
and outs of presenting yourself online!

Recruitment is nerve-racking enough. 

But it doesn't need to feel any more intimidating just because its virtual!

Every school may be doing recruitment a little differently, some with videos, some with Zoom calls and it is changing every day.... but we know one thing to be true.... the process will look different this year! We're all adjusting and want to put our best self forward!

Here's how we want to help:

Whether it be recording a 2 minute video introduction to submit or a Zoom call with active members, it's important to learn how to present yourself well on camera. This workshop will help you be more prepared and at ease going into recruitment, no matter how the process will look at your college.

What to expect:

  • We'll share the do's and don'ts of making you look and sound your best on camera, while still being your true and authentic self. We'll talk about lighting, backgrounds, sound and more.
  • First impressions are hard enough in person. We'll help you learn how to make the impression you want to make and be more aware of how you come across on camera.
  • When communicating virtually you lose a lot of social cues and it's harder to read body language.  Learn how to make a strong connection in the limited time you have.
  • How to use energy, confidence and voice inflection to strengthen your virtual persona.
  • Tips and tricks if you're recording an introduction video for Open House round.

Get immediate access to a recording of the one hour workshop



Emma ~ Attendee 7/16/20

"I am so glad I attended! It was extremely helpful and I am feeling so much better about the process. Knowledgeable and helpful people like you make the stressful process seem less daunting, and help me to be excited for the upcoming process."

L. E. ~ Attendee 7/19/20

"I am so glad that I signed up! I took so many notes and it definitely made me feel a lot more prepared and excited for recruitment! :) I even feel like the information you shared will help me with future job interviews and classes that might be held online. I will definitely refer your sessions to other girls!"

Berkeley ~ Attendee 7/21/20

"Thank you so much for you help tonight! I definitely feel more prepared and confident for rush and even job interviews in the future. I appreciate you for taking the time to do these sessions."



Kim Barnes has spent 30 years on the air! Now, she coaches clients for on-camera impact. She works with executives, entrepreneurs, speakers and small business owners who want to improve their on camera presence for video, virtual presentations and media interviews. Kim was an award-winning reporter and news anchor for 15 years, including more than a decade at KVUE in Austin. Since leaving news, Kim is also seen in corporate videos, commercials and also does voiceover work. Kim taught television news reporting at The University of Texas (her alma mater) where she was an active member and officer in her sorority. Her daughter is currently an active sorority member at her university.

We're excited to help you feel more prepared for whatever virtual recruitment might look like for you!

If you have any questions about the workshop or are interested in private sessions, email [email protected]
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